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Add warmth & authenticity

If you’ve thought about adding Video to your communication mix, Your Story from CMS makes it easy to create quality video wherever your message appears. Marketing and communication strategist and author Eric Fletcher uses the CMS solution to deliver an authentic personal message on his website and in social media feeds. (Full Disclosure: Eric believed in the solution enough to join the CMS Team.)

Video works because it puts you in the roomemploys your voice, conveys your personality, and tells your story in a way only you can tell it.

I’m passionate about helping people tell their story. And the CMS Your Story video solution is a powerful addition to the communication and marketing strategy we’re using, not only to connect with our clients…but to help them share their stories in bigger and better ways.

Michelle Prince

Best Selling Author, Speaker and Publisher


Improve Your SEO

Search engine algorithms increasingly prioritize pages containing video content

Engage Visitors

Compared to other forms of content, video keeps visitors interested, engaged and on your page longer.

Share Your Story

On business platforms like Linked In, video content is shared up to 20 times more than text or image content.

The marketplace is turning to video.

Video has changed the game when it comes to capturing attention, connecting and motivating. If your competitors aren’t already using it on the web, in social media feeds and digital campaigns, chances are they are searching for a viable way to make it happen. When it comes to creating authentic visibility and delivering real value, video is everywhere.

Research says Video works.


More likely video content will generate a conversation


More likely to be shared on business platforms and social media

Great Video Is Within Reach.

We know what you’re thinking.

Quality video costs a bundle & is a hassle.

But with Your Story, if you can manage the camera on a smart phone, you’re on your way to studio quality production. No more barely-in-the-frame or poorly lit selfie videos.

The Your Story video creation solution includes:

  • iPhone, synced with our production facility
  • high-end Rode microphone
  • ring light for great lighting, every time
  • the CMS Virtual Director
  • Pro finish with graphics and music in our post suites
  • for the Pro difference, the PLUS packages include customized background options
  • PLUS package includes VIP access to our Producer Service

Killer video for your story when you need it.

  • Add some personality to on-line profiles
  • Produce compelling features and segments on growth, wins, human interest or firm milestones
  • Use video to add personality to capability descriptions
  • Maintain visibility with regular posts on social media

Your Story brings the voice and personality of your brand to communiques…bridging the gap between reaching out to the masses, and connecting with your targets.

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We recognize that VIDEO communication brings a whole new set of challenges and questions. Cost and logistics are only the beginning. What kind of content works where? Should we script content, or wing it? Is video for everyone? What about interviews? And on and on. On top of all this, it is an evolving art.

This is the purview of our Your Story Blog. It’s a free resource, and comes with valuable info even if you don’t use Your Story — plus discounts if you do!

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A few snippets from Featured clients.

Our clients include national professional service firms, healthcare service providers, charitable foundations, local entrepreneurs, and international outreach efforts. Here is a sampling of Featured Clients using the CMS video subscription solution to tell their story.

Deep Experience Built This Solution and Stands Behind Every Subscriber

While we prefer to let our videos tell the story, we’re proud of the team behind Your Story. Here are the high notes:

  • we’ve been producing film & video for 35 yrs
  • award-winners in advertising, broadcast programming and corporate/industrial
  • we’re producing broadcast programs daily
  • state-of-the-art soundstage & post production facility

Now for a few words from clients…

“CMS makes it possible for me to add short strategic messages to my website, focused on the principle offerings of my consultancy. Before access to this solution, I would have expected to pay thousands for just one studio quality segment.”

Allen Fuqua

Principal, Allen Fuqua Strategies

“Adding video messages to the online profiles of our professionals gives prospective patients a personal introduction to the individual they’ll be working with. This is a significant differentiator, and puts our practicioners a step closer to building confidence and trust.”

Phyllis McNiel, CPO

Owner, Alliance Orthotics and Prosthetics, LLC

“Video adds a whole new dimension to how we tell the story of Premier Events on our website and in social media. The CMS video solution makes it possible for us to bring our personality, style and perspectives to business development and client communications.”

Lynn Bjosted

Founder, CEO, Premier Events Management

“The opportunity to add video to our communication strategy is such a differentiator. We place a premium on personal connections, from the relationships we share with those touched by our work, to those with constituents. ‘Your Story’ from CMS is a perfect fit for us.”

Sara Redington

Director of Strategy & Communications, The Miles Foundation


You can tell your story in studio quality videos with the subscription that fits your budget realities. Each level gives you hassle free production flexibility, and includes our basic equipment package, our monthly CMS Tips via email, and access to our tech support hotline.

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